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The Artery Coil Head procedure is a surgical procedure that encircles an aneurysm. Its main benefit is reducing pressure on the artery walls. However, the procedure is not right for all types of aneurysms, and there are risks involved. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this procedure.

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Although there are some risks associated with this procedure, they are relatively small. The main risk is rupture of the aneurysm, which can result in a stroke-like condition and even death. However, these risks are small compared to the risks of traditional aneurysm surgeries. In fact, it may be possible to go home the same day after coiling.

Artery coiling is a relatively simple procedure and does not require open surgery. In order to perform this procedure, physicians use real-time X-ray technology to visualize the vascular system of a patient. Once the physician has visualized the aneurysm, a catheter is inserted into the femoral artery. A second, smaller tube is then inserted through the first tube and the catheter is passed to the aneurysm. When the catheter is successfully navigated into the aneurysm, the coiling system is introduced.

In some cases, coiling may be the only option for an aneurysm. In such cases, coil embolization can eliminate the aneurysm without the risk of open surgery. In addition, because a vascular bypass is performed instead of surgery, the patient is able to recover quicker from the procedure. However, this procedure is not suitable for all patients. It is not a cure for aneurysm, and should only be used when other treatments are ineffective.

Endovascular coiling is another way of treating an aneurysm. This method uses a thin, platinum wire to block blood flow through an artery aneurysm. An aneurysm is a weak section of the artery wall that can rupture and cause severe bleeding. By blocking the flow of blood, the aneurysm is prevented from rupturing and damaging the surrounding organs.


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